This year RiTC6 is looking at what happens beyond recovery

This year RiTC6 is looking at what happens beyond recovery

This year RiTC6 is looking at what happens beyond recovery - past the treatment, the structured groups, the wellbeing activities, the building of recovery networks – into the 'now what'. We'll be looking beyond the short-term recovery needs of an individual and instead focusing on the bigger picture stuff: recovery's role as an organisation's purpose; as a pro-society voice and as a building block for developing former addicts as assets, champions and community leaders out there in the 'real world'.

We know peer support and the utilisation of peer volunteers are now well-established practices in promoting recovery and delivering addiction support. Through the UK Life in Recovery survey we also have the evidence of what we've long-suspected, that people in long-term recovery make a positive contribution to society. So what's next? Job done, go home, no need for another conference! Or, is it now time for greater ambitions - seeing recovery as a 5-year plan, expecting the better than well, promoting (...wait for it) recovery infinity through the idea of being recovered. Have we reached recovery's tertiary stage?

Answering the important questions

Come and join us at RITC6 as we look beyond the idea of isolating and treating the recovery needs of one....... and into a new world of shaping the recovery of our communities.

Our annual get together continues to offer all the aspects delegates like: great content, great networking opportunities and practical information on how to help your organisation to survive and thrive – plus opportunities to meet commissioners, potential partners and peers.

SASS hosts the annual national Recovery in the Community Conference – the event that brings together everyone involved, interested and inspired by addiction recovery. We welcome delegates from a diverse range of backgrounds and representing a diverse range of organisations. Everyone from commissioners, senior managers, CEO's, health officials, policy makers, support and care staff, flock to Sheffield to bring their experiences and findings from the field of recovery.