Alcohol Recovery Community

Alcohol Recovery Community

Hope, choice and opportunity for people in recovery 

Overcoming an addiction is frightening and can feel like an impossible challenge; many people have tried before and find themselves in a revolving door of recovery then relapse. The ARC uses peer support to show that there is a life after an addiction: recognising the strength in people supporting each other and proving that a life without alcohol doesn’t need to be miserable. We offer hope by showing that achieving and sustaining recovery is possible, no matter how long the addiction. 

Have you stopped drinking or are you starting to make changes to your drinking habits?
The ARC will support you to build your recovery capital - the personal, social and community resources that will help you move on from your addiction.

We do this by encouraging you to:

  • build confidence and resilience
  • add some structure to your life
  • improve your wellbeing
  • meet new people
  • generally live a more fulfilling life away from your drinking past

The ARC will support you at whatever stage you are in your recovery, through three phases of engagement:
Phase 1: Recovery Exposurefor those new to the idea of recovery, helping you to understand your own relationship with alcohol and where you may be feeling a bit stuck.

Phase 2: Recovery Buy-In - as long or short as you need, we will support you to become healthier, more active, develop skills and start to feel a real impact.

Phase 3: Better than Wellthe ambition for you to become happy, moving on from your addiction, seeing yourself as an agent of change and defining yourself by your assets not your deficits.  

Our range of recovery support and activities provides a choice of options  as we know that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Choose one of the buttons below to find the best recovery options for you.

If you are still drinking
We work alongside Start, Sheffield’s treatment and recovery team, and are happy to support you to access treatment options or ensure your recovery goals enhance your recovery reduction plan.

Some ARC activities are restricted to people who are already in recovery, however there are a number of ARC sessions open to people who are in the earlier stages of recovery. All we ask is that you are wanting to make changes to your own drinking and that you’re respectful of other people’s recovery by not attending the ARC intoxicated. 






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