Take notice: Active Citizenship

Take notice: Active Citizenship

Active Citizens

Recovery isn’t just about coping with an addiction, it’s about rebuilding a meaningful and fulfilling life after an addiction.Sometimes, people in recovery want to branch out into other stuff using the skills they have developed in recovery, skills such as problem solving, getting back up again when you’ve had a setback, acting with confidence, communicating with others, sharing and making others feel valued, being a listening ear, making stuff, doing stuff, learning stuff. Supported through a grant from the People’s Postcode Trust, we want to help you get involved, develop some skills and share the wealth of being part of something, to be the pebble in the pond that sends ripples of change across our communities, to become an Active Citizen.

Shouldn’t there be more to recovery than just managing your addiction?

  • There are changes we want to see in our community
  • Change can happen through us and not just to us – we can make things happen
  • We learn from and with others, who we are is shaped by the people around us, by the various communities of which we are part
  • Giving something up is easier when we take up something else
  • Dealing effectively with struggles builds our strengths
  • Our strengths can lead us in to pastures new
  • The new pastures we move into can be an awesome inspiration for others in our communities

Do you have ambitions?

  • working out what really matters to you
  • being with others who will inspire you to keep moving forwards
  • identifying how you can get involved with your various communities in ways that are truly fulfilling and rewarding, being an active citizen in your community
  • designing and developing a personal ‘project’ that is the kind of thing you’re really passionate about
  • find ways of getting over, round, under or just plain ignoring those various obstacles that get in the way of living the life you really want
  • giving something back and paying it forward
  • getting a qualification

At the ARC we are trying to create a movement of Active Citizens through our training prgramme, monthly activities, language and ambition. Come and join us!

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