Learn: Training and Development

Learn: Training and Development

Training and Development

For many people, addiction has brought on a loss of identity, lack of confidence and feelings of uselessness, that don't simply disappear when the alcohol misuse has gone. At the ARC we don’t think it’s good enough to work towards people simply being  ‘recovered’.  We have greater ambitions for our recovery community to become ‘better than well’ - happy, wanting to really move on from their addiction, seeing themselves as agents of change within their communities and defining themselves by their assets not their deficits. Training is a real practical way of helping people to develop self-esteem, provide a sense of purpose and build skills for moving on.

We are very lucky at SASS in that we have Waypoint, a social enterprise training service, based within the organisation. Waypoint specialises in the design and delivery of training in addiction, recovery and peer support - providing a pivotal role in training ARC volunteers and Active Citizens. 

Through the ARC we provide access to:

  • Accredited courses -  such as Award in Education, Counselling Skills, Drugs/Alcohol Awareness
  • Courses to build resilience - such as mindfullness and recovery, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), relapse prevention
  • Courses to build your confidence and skills - such as Active Citizens leadership programme, mentoring skills, volunteering
  • Courses to build your knowledge - such as boundaries, confidentiality, Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS)
  • Access to other vocational courses - for example through our partners Northern College



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