Happy Hour - Kid Acne releases special edition print to help raise money for SASS

Happy Hour - Kid Acne releases special edition print to help raise money for SASS

All proceeds from this print will be donated to the Alcohol Recovery Community (ARC) at Sheffield Alcohol Support Service (SASS).

“I began illustrating Sheffield pubs back in 2016, though the initial idea dates back much further, following on from the ‘Sheffield Cityscape’ illustration I created in 2005. I’ve drawn over 100 pubs and am now making compositions of these for a series of hand-made prints. 

I was partly inspired by the ‘Sheffield Heritage Pub Crawl’ poster I used to see about and wanted to create a version of my own. My Dad and I used to study these posters and make a note of how many we’d been to (which seemed to be the vast majority by all accounts). I’ve always liked the architecture and atmosphere of old pubs. 

A good pub is a real asset to the community, bringing people together for a drink and chat, do the pub quiz, play pool, watch the match or have Sunday dinner with the family. They can also provide invaluable spaces for artists to exhibit work, musicians to perform live, and DJ’s to play records to get the whole room dancing. 

My Dad died three years ago, due to cirrhosis of the liver, which was brought on by decades of alcohol abuse. Despite his flaws, he was a brilliant man and a creative soul. He taught me a lot about photography, art, design and we even learnt to screen print together when I was a teenager. Sadly, he also suffered  with a number of mental health issues. These were only further exacerbated by his alcohol intake and meant we were never really able to get to the root of the problem. He passed away age 64 in January 2015. 

I recently became a patron of SASS and am hopeful that through these drawings and prints I might be able to help support individuals and families as well as raise awareness about alcohol issues. The ‘Happy Hour’ print is our first collaborative project together with the intention of leading to many more”. 

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Vicki Beere, Chief Executive SASS commented “The pubs in the print will be familiar haunts for many people and I’ve no doubt they will be popular. Our service users find other ways to find ‘Happy Hour’ spaces and we’re really grateful that this has struck a chord with Kid Acne”. The money will be used to refurbish the ARC community room”.


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