Recovery Games 2018

Recovery Games 2018

Recovery Games 2018

The Recovery Games took on the 17th of this month. The annual event brings together people in all stages of recovery, from a range of backgrounds with every age-group represented. Teams from across the country descended on Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre to compete for the prestigious Recovery Games trophy. 8 members of the ARC community bravely rose to the challenge of representing SASS, competing in a series of challenging and punishing tests of strength, agility, concentration, nerves and guile. Once greetings had been exchanged between old friends and familiar faces the games began…

SASS started the day strongly with several activity wins and a couple of close second places. As the mid-day interval came and everyone joined together for the now iconic ‘Festival of Colour’, the news came in that despite this being the biggest Games to date (42 teams), plucky Team SASS were currently sitting in 3rd place with an afternoons worth of points still up for grabs.

Having already climbed, paddled, shot, galloped, and duelled their way through the morning, the team leapt back into action, throwing themselves into the competition. They pirouetted around swinging punch bags, skipped over spinning bars, battled against bungee cords and slipped into sumo outfits. Hope and spirts remained high while bodies tired and as the sun began to sink and the last points were counted, Team SASS couldn’t cling on third place and a space in the final showdown.

Congratulations to Reflections who took the overall title.

Team SASS will be back, bring on next year.

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