Option 2 Homebuilders Model

Option 2 Homebuilders Model

Families Together has been using the Option 2 Homebuilders model as an evidenced based intervention since the service started. It is a delivery mechanism that we are passionate about as the underlying principles focus on empowering the family to build on their own strengths and use them as a unique resource in achieving sustainable change. By ignoring the strengths and values that are specific to that family, unintentionally, support can become focused on trying to mould them into an ideal image of a family or parent. That is why we believe we have such a high success rate in keeping families together, as the Homebuilders Model uses the intervention as a natural turning point to help struggling families to move into a positive direction.

The Option 2 Homebuilders Model, is flexible in its approach in order to allow us to adapt support that is appropriate to each family. The tools we use are responsive to the family's physical, emotional and behavioural needs and emphasise supporting families to learn how to learn so they are able to adapt to changing circumstances long after we have gone.

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