New Sheffield Project - Drink Wise, Age Well

Drink Wise, Age Well launches its new 5 year project with the aim of reducing alcohol related harm in the over 50 population.

In partnership with Royal Voluntary Service and Addaction, SASS will be part of a portfolio of projects which will improve health and well-being for people age 50 and over who are at risk of developing alcohol dependency.

Alcohol use in the over 50’s is having a real impact on society - over the last decade there has been increasing numbers of alcohol related deaths among the 55-74 year olds; a 53% increase in women and 87% for men (Office of National Statistics, 2012). The over 50’s may at times face stressful life transitions such as retirement, or the loss of a loved one. This can be a challenging time that can leave people at risk of turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Existing attitudes and beliefs about ageing and alcohol can prevent people from getting the right type of advice and seeking appropriate support. Offering different solutions around alcohol and ageing, Drink Wise, Age Well will work across Sheffield delivering prevention and campaigning information; building resilience in individuals and within communities; offering support through direct one-to-one sessions and delivering training and skills to employers and support services.

Drink Wise, Age Well: Crystal Peaks

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Almost 2,000 people sought advice on alcohol and better health as Drink Wise, Age Well brought its services to Crystal Peaks.

The Drink Wise, Age Well team shared information and tips for making healthier choices about alcohol and offered on-going support if needed, the shop also showcased a variety of activities and events that Drink Wise, Age Well have been running across Sheffield over the last two years which promote healthier ageing, keeping active, meeting new friends and learning new skills for anyone aged 50 and over.

We show cased arts and crafts, model making and healthy living sessions. There was also food and mood workshops, scent making, reminiscence and antiques groups ran from the shop. Along with the opportunity to sign up for some of Drink Wise, Age Well's regular city wide groups and activities, with the team also promoting information about other community groups people could link up with.

As a result, many visitors signed up for a range of activities, including urban gym sessions at Bramall Lane run in collaboration with Sheffield United Community Foundation, mind and memory sessions at Crystal Peaks Library and health and well-being sessions (live wise, age well) at Woodhouse Community Garden.

Joining Drink Wise, Age Well throughout the six weeks were Sheffield Carers, The Alzheimer’s Society, Woodhouse and District Community Forum, Shelter, Neighbourhood Watch, Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care, Healthwatch Sheffield, Addaction, Right Turn, Safer Road Partnerships and Sheffield Alcohol Support Service.


The Prevention and Campaigning Team works to improve understanding and increase awareness of alcohol and healthy ageing. Drink Wise, Age Well are trying to promote safer drinking practices to 200,000 people within Sheffield. To do this they will be working alongside the community to offer tailored, age-appropriate workshops and alcohol brief interventions sessions, campaigns, information and community events.

The Resilience Team offers community-led activities to help individuals strengthen their ability to deal with stressful life events through building confidence and connecting individuals to activities for adults over the age of 50.

Drink Wise, Age well recognises that alcohol can quickly go from being an enjoyable social aspect to one which has a negative effect. To support individuals to prevent alcohol causing harm to their health individual tailored advice and support can be offered to individuals either at home or in a community setting by the Direct Engagement and Support Team. Furthermore Drink Wise, Age Well can connect individuals to others with similar life experiences and offer support to family members.

The Training and Skills Team provides free training on recognising at-risk older drinkers which gives people the skills and confidence to intervene appropriately. Training can be online in the workplace or the community.

If you would like anymore information please call 0800 032 3723.


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