Families Together
at Christmas
Families Together work with households across Sheffield who are going through crisis and are at risk of being separated. Families Together provide support by creating structure and assistance to these families and as a result 98% of families we have worked with stayed together following our intervention. Plus 98% of the young people we supported have increased confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

"My Christmas Wish..."
My Christmas Wish is the theme of this year's Families Together campaign. We asked the families we work with what their Christmas wish would be: little things that would make a huge difference to their lives at this time of year. The charity is inviting local residents to donate gifts or sponsorship to support families who are less fortunate in our region. 

“I know that the families we work with are incredibly grateful for the warmth and care received by the city of Sheffield. Our goal, besides helping those in need, is to work towards removing stigma and raising awareness of the work our team do throughout the year helping families to lead a stable, more positive way of life.”

Teresa Clayton, Families Together manager

To help our families, we have drawn up a Wish List of gifts and items that are easily taken for granted at this time of year, including: 

                            Children’s pyjamas (Age 0-15 years)                        
Arts and craft supplies 
                              Pillows, duvets and fresh bedding                                
School uniform  
                 Children’s winter boots and coats (Age 0-15 years)                      
                   Furniture including beds, cots, rugs and curtains                                 
Appliances including kettles, a fridge freezer and a tumble dryer
Could you help support a Family in Sheffield struggling at Christmas?
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