Specialist Mentoring Service

Specialist Mentoring Service

The Specialist Mentoring Service works with children and young people aged 5-19 who have been identified as struggling – supporting them to meet their potential and fully engage in their lives, their education and enjoyable, positive activities.

We recruit, train and support specialist volunteer Mentors to work in partnership with young people; engaging them in building their resilience and improving their life chances. We approach mentoring support as a partnership between the Mentor and the young-person based on valuing the young person’s views, strengths, beliefs and feelings in order to foster self-esteem, self-confidence, aspirations and problem-solving skills. For more information on becoming a Mentor, please select the 'For Mentors' link below.

Our theory-based approach uses the Option 2 Model, utilising mentoring support as a natural turning point to help children and young people move into a positive direction. The Option 2 approach builds on the young person’s (sometimes hidden) strengths, skills and values as an individual, in order to realistically and collaboratively reduce anti-social behaviours and safeguarding concerns, along with improving relationships, school attendance, participation, interests and skills. For more information on making a referral into the mentoring service, please select the 'For Referrers' link below.

In practical terms, mentoring sessions are delivered using a 5-Ways to Wellbeing toolkit that has been shown to help children and young people develop and overcome barriers to reach their full potential. Mentors will support the young person to identify areas of interest/opportunities/goals that will increase their wellbeing and re-engagement in their lives, with activities guided under the headings of Connect, Keep Learning, Be Active, Take Notice, Create/Play/Give. For more information on the 5-Ways to Wellbeing, please select the 'For Young People' link below.

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